Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Wheel of Chores!

Am I the only one feeling the pain of teens not doing chores without you nagging them? It is time for a change in our house so I came up with a little thing I am calling "The Wheel of Chores"!! It sounds so fun and ominous right?

 It's really pretty simple, each week you pick 3 from the weekly chore section. 
-tub/toilet in shared bath
-sinks/floor in shared bath
-clean guest bath
-cat litter
-vacuum living room
These have to be done one time between when the chores are picked on Monday and Friday morning. Each teen also picks one from the "All Week" section. 
-empty dishwasher
-sweep kitchen
These have to be done as needed throughout the week. We did it during the week because we are a blended family and only have the kids every other weekend so this way they will always be done before they leave for the other parents house and mom isn't stuck doing them on the weekend if the kids are gone. 

You will also see a fun section at the bottom I am calling "Cash or Consequence". Done with your chores early? Want to earn some extra cash? Pick a bonus chore! OR... Have a bad attitude? Not following the rules of the house? Consequence baby! Pick a chore! 

Not sure yet if this is going to work but I'm willing to give ANYTHING a shot. Momma needs some sanity! 

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